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YAHAHA Studio provides you with various shortcuts which facilitate your game development.

Note: On Mac, replace the Ctrl key in the following shortcuts with the command ⌘ key, not the Mac control key. Similarly, replace the Alt key with the Mac option ⌥ key.


Shortcut Action Description
Ctrl+S Save Scene Save the current scene.
Ctrl+P Play Switch to Play mode, a simulation mode in which you can experience your space before publishing.
⇧+Ctrl+P Play Here Switch to Play mode with the spawn point at the current camera position.
Alt+1 Show/Hide Explorer Show or hide Explorer.
Alt+2 Show/Hide My Assets Show or hide My Assets.
Alt+3 Show/Hide Asset Library Show or hide Asset LIbrary.
Ctrl+, Open Preferences Open Preferences.
F12 Show/Hide Console Show or hide Console.

Scene Tools

Shortcut Action Description
1 Grab Activate the Grab tool.
2 Move Activate the move tool.
3 Rotate Activate the Rotate tool.
4 Scale Activate the Scale tool.
5 Transform Activate the Transform tool.


Shortcut Action Description
Right Mouse Button Rotate View Rotate the camera view.
Alt+Right Mouse Button Rotate View Around Selection Rotate the camera view around the selected object.
Middle Mouse Button Pan View Pan the camera view.
W, A, S, D Move Forward/Left/Back/Right Move the camera forward/left/back/right.
E, Q Move Up/Down Move the camera up/down.
Accelerate Accelerate the movement of the camera when moving it.
Mouse Scroll Wheel Zoom in/Zoom out Zoom in or zoom out.
F Focus Focus on the selected object.


Shortcut Action Description
Ctrl+Z Undo Undo the previous operation.
Ctrl+Y Redo Redo the previous operation.
Ctrl+C Copy Copy the selected YahahaObjects.
Ctrl+V Paste Paste the selected YahahaObjects.
Ctrl+D Duplicate Duplicate the selected YahahaObjects.
⇧+Ctrl+D Array Duplicate Array duplicate the selected YahahaObject. This tool is used to multiply the selected object as an array. This tool automates tedious repetitive tasks, such as copy-pasting dozens of duplicates of an object.
Delete Delete the selected YahahaObjects.


Shortcut Action Description
Alt+1 Show/Hide Exlporer Show/Hide Explorer.
Select Previous Item Select the previous YahahaObject.
Select Next Item Select the next YahahaObject.
Unfold Unfold folders.
Fold Fold folders.
Select More/Cancel Selecting Select more YahahaObjects or cancel selecting.
Ctrl+R Rename Selected Rename the selected YahahaObject.

Terrain Tools

Shortcut Action Description
1 Raise/Lower Activate the terrain tool for raising or lowering the landscape.
2 Smooth Activate the terrain tool for smoothing the landscape.
3 Sharpen Activate the terrain tool for sharpening the landscape.
4 Flatten Active the terrain tool for flattening the landscape.
5 Bridge Active the terrain tool for building a bridge.
6 Paint Active the terrain tool for painting the terrain with the selected texture.
7 Decorate Active the terrain tool for decorating the terrain with the selected object.
. Next Brush Mask/Texture/Object Select the next brush mask/texture/object.
, Previous Brush Mask/Texture/Object Select the previous brush mask/texure/object.
Lower Lower the terrain when the Raise/Lower terrain tool is turned on.
Erase Painted Texture/Erase Decoration Erase the painted textures or objects when the Paint or Decorate tool is turned on.

Assets Library

Shortcut Action Description
Alt+3 Show/Hide Asset Library Show/Hide your Asset Library.
Ctrl+→ Next Page Turn to the next search page.
Ctrl+← Previous Page Turn to the previous search page.


Shortcut Action Description
W, A, S, D Move Forward/Left/Back/Right Make the avatar move forward/left/back/right.
Space Jump Make the avatar jump.
Left Mouse Button Rotate View Rotate the camera view.
Speed up Accelerate the movement of your avatar when moving it.