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This Level_Side community component allows you to create sides to be allies and rivals and assign players to them. With this component, you can configure and customize your sides with the following settings.

Property Description
Player allocation mode Determines how to assign players to sides. Players can be assigned automatically or manually.
Name The side name. The maximum length is 20 characters.
Color The side color. You can select a preset color here.
Max player The maximum number of players allowed for the side. It should be a value between 1 and 29.
Spawn point The point for the side to appear at the start of the game.
Respawn point The point for the side to appear after dying.
Sides damage The side(s) to take damage.

Note: As this is a global component, you can attach this component to any object in the scene. However, it's a best practice to create an empty object named GameManager and attach this component to it.

This component is often used together with UI_Side, which provides UIs for all sides.