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Model requirements

YAHAHA supports importing 3D models into Studio through the Model Importer feature, but please note that this feature is currently in alpha testing. Check the following requirements for models before importing.

Model format and size

See the requirements in model format and size:

  • The model should be in the Filmbox (FBX) format.

  • The maximum file size should not exceed 20 MB.

  • The total number of meshes should be less than 100 and the total number of triangles should be kept under 100,000.

  • We recommend importing no more than 30 animation clips to avoid overwhelming your system.

Model textures

Studio supports color maps and normal maps as embedded textures in binary FBX files, except for textures in Direct Draw Surface (DDS) format. However, it is important to note that any invalid textures may be removed during the import process, which can result in gray models.

Model properties

Studio does not support importing scaling factors or colliders as part of the model. Once a model has been imported into Studio, it will need to be re-scaled and colliders added manually.