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YaSoundSetting configures the settings of sound.


number Priority

The priority of sound. An integer between 0 and 255 where 0 represents the highest priority, while 255 indicates the lowest priority. Note that if too many sounds are being played at the same time, lower priority sounds may be stopped (if they are playing) or discarded (if they are ready to play).

number Volume

The volume of the sound (0.0 to 1.0)

number Pitch

The pitch of the sound

number SpatialBlend

Sets how much 3D spatialisation calculations affect this sound. Value 0.0 makes full 2D sound, while 1.0 makes it full 3D.

number DopplerLevel

Sets the doppler scale for this sound.

AudioRolloffMode RolloffMode

Determines how the sound attenuates over distance.

number MinDistance

The distance beyond which the sound starts to attenuate.

number MaxDistance

The distance at which the sound stops attenuating.