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Publishing your Project

After you finish your making and save the change, you can publish your Project as a new Space. To publish:

  1. Go to Create>Projects to find your Project.
  2. Hover over the Project and click Publish.


  3. Edit your space information, then click Publish to publish it.

    • Name: The name of the Space
    • Max Players: The maximum number of players allowed in the Space
    • Screenshots: The screenshot(s) of the Space. Between 1 and 10 screenshots of the Space can be added with a resolution higher than 1440X648.
    • Tags: The tag(s) of the Space. No more than 5 tags can be added and special characters are not allowed in the tags.
    • Description: A brief description of the Space, between 0 and 500 words


    Note: If you used any assets from Asset Library, you will be asked to pay for them before publishing the Space. In our tutorial, the bridge model is a free asset, so we can purchase it successfully with no charge.

  4. You can find published Spaces both in YAHAHA Desktop and YAHAHA Apps. To edit a published Space, do either of the following:

    • Find the published Space by visiting My Profile>MY SPACES, then click Edit this Space.



    • Find the original Project by choosing Create>Projects, hover over the Project and click Publish. Then in the Publish dialog choose Update. The new Space will replace the previous version. update-space-button

  5. To delete a published Space, find the Space by visiting My Profile>MY SPACES, then click Delete.


  6. To create a new Space based on the original Project, find the Project in Create>Projects, hover over it and click Publish. Then in the Publish dialog select Publish as a New Space.