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Creating a YAHAHA account

Note: For the current version of YAHAHA Studio, we only shortlist a few users to test the app. If you would like to join the test, please contact us via Discord. The signup will open for all users in the future.

You need a YAHAHA account to play with YAHAHA Studio. To create a YAHAHA account:

  1. Visit the signup page.
  2. Provide your birthday to check whether you are eligible for YAHAHA. We only open the signup for 16 or older users.
  3. Provide your email to sign up with and input the code you receive.
  4. Provide your nickname and password, and select your career. sign-up
  5. Then read the YAHAHA Terms of Use and Data Policy through and check the box if you agree to them.
  6. Submit the provided information and your account is created successfully.