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This Behavior_RotationComponent community component makes an object rotate in the scene.

Field Description
Triggered Determines if the rotation is triggered by an event. If you tick the box, the rotation is triggered by an event that you can specify. If not, the rotation occurs in a few seconds that you can set in executeDelay.
Rotation settings You can choose a rotation mode, either a circle or an arc movement. If you choose Circle, specify the axis, direction, and duration of the rotation by setting Axis, Direction, and Time. If you choose Arch, specify the axis, direction, angle, and duration of the arch rotation by setting Axis, Direction, Angle, and Time.
Looping mode You can configure the looping mode. Move NO means the number of the rotation, either one-off or infinite by choosing One Time or Infinite times. Type means the direction type of the rotation, either swinging to the same direction or back and forth, by choosing One-way or Two-way respectively.

If you choose Is Triggered By Event, we suggest that you use components with the RotationExecuteEvent event.