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This community component (Component) provides the main gameplay for the Jump to Space game, including:

  • Allowing 4 players at most in the same room
  • Generating 110 floors randomly at the spawn positions you specified in this Component. The height of the floor (the value on the Y axis) will be increased by the distance between floors.


  • Players are spawned on a platform. When players die, they will be transported to the platform where they are spawned.

  • When a player jumps to a higher floor, the highest floor increases by one.
  • The first player who reaches the 100th floor wins.

Set the properties of this Component.

Property Description
Add spawn position Add the position of the floor to be spawned.
Add floor name Add the names of floors.
Set level audio Add the audio clip to be played when the player jumps to a higher floor.
Set distance between floors The distance between two adjacent floors

Note: As this is a global Component, you can attach this Component to any object in the scene. However, it's a best practice to create an empty object named "GameManager" and attach this Component to it.

This Component must be used with:

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