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This Level_ZombieGame community component lets you configure game rules for the Zombie game.

Field Description
ZombieVFX The visual effect for zombies
VFXPositionOffset The offset of the position for the visual effect to be spawned
VFXRotationOffset The offset of rotation for the visual effect to be spawned
To-infect Hurt Cont The least attacks it takes to transform a human into a zombie
TransformZombieAudio The sound for transforming a human into a zombie
SpeedConfig You can configure the walking speed and running speed for both humans and zombies.

Note: As this is a global component, you can attach this component to any object in the scene. However, it's a best practice to create an empty object named "GameManager" and attach this component to it.

This component must be used with UI_ZombieGame, which provides UIs for the Zombie game.