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With this AIcharacterChatBubble community component, you customize the position offset and display time of an AI NPC's chat bubble. Attach this component to an AI NPC, then the chat bubble appears near the NPC when the player ends the AI chat and returns to the game. For a smooth gaming experience, it's recommended to attach one AIcharacterChatBubble component to an AI NPC.

This component includes:

Property Description
Bubble offset The position of the chat bubble relative to the NPC, using the NPC's position as the origin (0,0,0). Default: (372.5, -100, 0).
Display time The display time of the NPC's last message in seconds, ranging from 0 to 100. Default: 5. It appears when the player closes the AI chat window and returns to game.

This component must be used with the AICharacterMain component, the NPC feature (available via + Feature>Gameplay>NPC), and the AICharacterUI component, which activates the chat button.