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SideScroll CameraSetting

With this SideScroll CameraSetting community component, you can set the camera to view the player's action from a side-view angle as in Mario games and other sidescrollers.

This is how the scene should look (below): Sidescroll

This component includes:

Property Description
Distance interval The offset distance between the camera and the target. X: minimum distance; Y: maximum distance; Z: default distance.
At depth The initial depth of the camera. You should enter a negative Z value only. For example, if you set the Z value to -20, the distance between the initial camera position and the player will be 20.
FOV The field of view of the camera in degrees
Half soft zone ratio The half ratio of soft zone from the center of the screen to the whole screen. The camera moves in its X-Y plane to follow the target when the target leaves the soft zone. X: the half ratio of the soft zone width to the whole screen width; Y: the half ratio of the soft zone height to the whole screen height. Enter an X value and a Y value; both values should be between 0 and 0.5.
IsPerspective Is the camera perspective or orthographic?For a perspective camera, you can increase/decrease the FOV for a farther/closer view.


  • As this is a global component, you can attach this component to any object in the scene. However, it's a best practice to create an empty object named GameManager and attach this component to it.

  • It's recommended using only one camera component in a scene to ensure smooth gaming. To replace an existing camera component, remove the current one and add a new one.