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Ranking allows you to add a leaderboard to your games.

Enabling/disabling ranking

Ranking is disabled by default. If you want to enable it, choose Gameplay>Ranking>+New Ranking.


Configuring the leaderboard

You can set the following fields for your leaderboard.


Field Description
Name A name for your leaderboard
Rule Determines the metric used to arrange the ranking.
  • Number of items, the total number of items that players collect in the game
  • Play time, the total time that players spend in the game
  • Obtain time of items, the total time it takes before the specified item is collected
Item Specifies the item used in the ranking. It works only when you choose Number of items or Obtain time of items for your rule.
Capacity Determines the length of the ranking.
Description Introduces the leaderboard to your players.