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Your space is more interesting and immersive with music and sound effects.

Setting up background music(BGM)

BGM is the music you can hear when you switch to Play mode and it can be heard wherever you go in the scene. BGM is enabled by default in YAHAHA Studio, but you need to specify the audio clip to make it work, as follows:

  1. Find BGM by choosing Gameplay>General.


  2. Select an audio clip as your BGM.


Adding audio clips to an object

To attach audio clips to an object:

  1. Select the object and view its properties by choosing the More icon.


  2. In the Gameplay tab, choose +Component>Audio to add the Audio component.


  3. Add audio to the component. You can add multiple audio clips.


    Field Description
    Audio file The file of the audio to add
    Audible range The range in which the audio can be heard. The range is a circle with the radius ranging from 1 to 100 meters.
    Loop Determines whether the audio plays in loop mode.
    Trigger Determines the trigger of the audio.
    • On start, the audio plays as soon as you switch to Play mode
    • On trigger, the audio plays when the player touches the object