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Test Mode

Test Mode enables users to test multiplayer mode and scripts that run on both the server and the client. Unlike Play Mode, which focuses on the performance of a single player, Test Mode allows you to access real-time game performance in up to two independent Yahaha Launcher windows, each with a controllable player avatar and several AI players who are generated and run automatically.

To use Test Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Click the downward arrow and select the Test tab.


  2. Set the Avatar Num and toggle on Enable Test AI.

    Avatar Num: Determines the number of avatars you can control in all Yahaha Launcher windows, excluding AI players. You can choose 1 or 2, indicating one or two windows with a player avatar in each. The default value is 2.

    Enable Test AI: Adds whether to add AI players that can be used for testing purposes.

  3. Enter Test Mode by clicking the gear icon next to the downward arrow.

AI player