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This community component (Component) controls how the floor behaves in the game.

How to use it

  1. Add a floor to the scene and attach this Component to the floor. levelgamestate_gametype

  2. Set properties of this Component.

Property Description
Floor Type Determines the effect on the player when he/she steps on the floor
  • Damage. This floor injures the player.
    • Damage Type: Over time or One off
    • Damage Interval(seconds): the time between two adjacent damages in the Over time damage
    • Damage Amount: the HP decreased due to an injury
  • Normal. A normal floor that brings no effect
  • Fragile. A fragile floor is unstable so that the player can't stand on it.
  • Recover. The floor increases the player's HP continuously until the max HP is reached.
Set Audio Sets the audio that is played when the floor is triggered.
Is Trail Effect Determines whether the special effect spawned when the floor is triggered is a trail effect.
Effect Name Specifies the name of the special effect. The name must be identical to that configured in Behavior_SpawnableObjectMarker.
Spawn Name The name of the floor. Make sure the name is identical to that configured in Level_JumpToSpace.

This Component must be used with Level_JumpToSpace, which provides gameplay specific to the Jump to Space game.