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This Level_HoneycombManager community component provides the following game rules for the Hex-a-Game game:

  • Only 2 to 12 players are allowed in the game.
  • When the game starts, players are apawned on the layer 1 of the honeycomb.
  • During the game, the honeycomb cell that a player stands will disappear in 1 second. If the player cannot make it to another cell, he/she will fall to the lower layer.
  • A player dies when he/she falls to the botton layer and the game ends when there is only one player stands on a honeycomb cell.

This component is suggested to be used with:

  • UI_Honeycomb, a component for in-game UIs, such as the current players and game results UIs.
  • Behavior_HoneycombCellConfig, a component that sets the color for a honeycomb cell.
  • Behavior_SpawnableObjectMarker, a component that specifies the name of the corresponding visual effect. Level_HoneycombManager gets the visual effect vis the name.
  • Level_GameState,a component that manages basic states of a game.
  • UI_GameState, a component that provides UIs for all states in a single game.
  • Level_AvatarSpawnSetting,a component lets you set the way your players are spawned in the game for the first time.