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With the AITriggerContent community component, pre-defined messages can be delivered to AI NPCs whenever the player or another object enters or exits from a specific area. Attach this component to any object in the scene to turn it into a trigger zone.

This component includes:

Property Description
Trigger type Determines the event that triggers message delivery to the AI NPC.
  • On enter, sends the message to an AI NPC as soon as the player enters the zone.
  • On exit, sends the message to an AI NPC as soon as the player leaves the zone.
Trigger by Determines the object that initiates the trigger event. It can be either the player or a specific object from the scene.
  • Player, sends the message when the player enters the zone;
  • Scene object sends the message when another object enters the zone. specify the object.
Object in scene Specifies an object in the scene that triggers the message delivery to an AI NPC. This option is only visible when Trigger by is set to Scene object.
Trigger times Determines how many times the trigger event can occur.
AI character Specifies an AI NPC in the scene to receive the message.
Message content to AI Enter the message to be sent to the AI NPC.