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Items are game assets that you can use to decorate the scene and interact with players.

Creating an item

To create an item:

  1. choose Gameplay>Item>New Item.


  2. Populate the following fields.

    Field Description
    Name The name of the item
    ID A unique identifier for the item
    Model The model for the item. These models are what you purchased from Asset Library.
    Description Briefly introduces the item.

Managing items

When you have too many items, you can search for your items with keywords. You can also sort your items by the data of creation or alphabetically.


When you don't need an item anymore, you can select it and delete it.


Synthesizing items

You can create recipes in your space so that your players can synthesize items from materials.

  1. Choose Gameplay>Synthesis.

  2. Create a new recipe by choosing +New Recipe. new-recipe

  3. Select a Target from your your items. Create one if you don't have any items yet.

  4. Select Materials from your items. select-target-material

  5. Add more recipes by choosing the plus icon. add-more

  6. If you don't need the recipe for now, you can toggle it off so your players won't be able to synthesize items from the recipe. You can also delete it if you are sure the recipe is not needed any more. disable-delete