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YaQuestAPI is a class for managing quests.


YaQuestListener YaQuestAPI.StateListener(YaEntity entity)
A listener to events about the quest for the specified entity
  • entity The entity that you want to listen to
YaCharacterQuest YaQuestAPI.CharacterQuest(YaEntity character)
Returns all quests of the character.
YaCharacterQuestByRequester YaQuestAPI.CharacterQuestByRequester(YaEntity character, YaEntity requester)
Associates the character and the requester.
YaQuestConfig YaQuestAPI.GetQuestConfig(number questID)
Gets quest configuration using quest ID.
  • questID The unique identifier of the quest
void YaQuestAPI.AddQuestCompletedEvent(function callback<YaEntity, YaQuestData>)
Fired when any quest is finished.
  • callback A callback with the character who takes the quest and quest information