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YaQuestAPI is a class for managing quests.


YaQuestListener YaQuestAPI.StateListener(YaEntity entity)

A listener to events about the quest for the specified entity
  • entity The entity that you want to listen to

YaCharacterQuest YaQuestAPI.CharacterQuest(YaEntity character)

Returns all quests of the character.
  • character character entity

YaCharacterQuestByRequester YaQuestAPI.CharacterQuestByRequester(YaEntity character, YaEntity requester)

Associates the character and the requester.
  • character character entity
  • requester requester entity

YaQuestConfig YaQuestAPI.GetQuestConfig(number questID)

Gets quest configuration using quest ID.
  • questID The unique identifier of the quest

void YaQuestAPI.AddQuestCompletedEvent(function callback<YaEntity, YaQuestData>)

Fired when any quest is finished.
  • callback A callback with the character who takes the quest and quest information
    1. characterEntity The character entity
    2. questData Including information about quest

Array<YaQuestData> YaQuestAPI.GetQuests(YaEntity characterEntity)

ReturnsArray of YaQuestData
Get quests on the character.
  • characterEntity The entity of the player's character