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Item effects

The Item effects community component (Component) helps configure the effects an item has on a player and the duration of those effects. For instance, you can use this Component to set an item to boost a player's health points by 100% upon pickup. To add an effect, click + New item effect. You can add up to 10 effects to an item.

Property Description
Duration Determines how long the effect of the item will last.
  • Permanent: The effect will be permanent.
  • Temporary: The effect will end once applied once.
Affected attribute Specifies the attribute that will be affected by the item's effect. The available attributes include:
  • HP: Players' real-time health points
  • HP-Max: Players' maximum health points
  • Attack: Players' ability to attack other players
  • Defence: Players' ability to resist incoming damage from attacks
  • Speed: Players' movement speed
Action Determines whether the item's effect is to increase or decrease the specified attribute.
  • Add: Increases the attribute
  • Minus: Decreases the attribute
Precision Determines the precision of the item's effect:
  • Percentage: Affects the attribute by a specified percentage
  • Exact: Affects the attribute by a specified value
Value Specifies the percentage or exact value of the item's effect:
  • Percentage: Ranges from 1% to 1000%. Default: 100%.
  • Exact: Ranges from 1 to 999999. Default: 1000.

Item effects


As this is a global Component, you can attach this Component to any object in the scene. However, it's a best practice to create an empty object named "GameManager" and attach this Component to it.