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Asset Library

YAHAHA's Assets Library offers a vast range of cost-free and commercial assets devised by the YAHAHA team and the community members. You can conveniently locate everything you need to construct an incredible Space, including Models, Audio, Effects, Sky, Logic, Animation Clips, and Materials. To access Asset Library, you can either choose Asset Library in the right top corner of the Scene Editor.


The layout of Asset Libray


(1) The manual bar allows you to view assets by category.
(2) The search box allows you to search for an asset using its name.
(3) Quick access to:

  • The list of Unpaid assets that you have been placed in your scene but have not paid yet.
  • My collections that stores assets you marked so that you can find and use them conveniently.
  • My assets that contains assets that you have owned
  • My account

(4) Search keywords and filters for narrowing down assets
(5) The assets sorted out by the search keywords and filters
(6) The filter sidebar for you to select filters from