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Behavior move

This Behavior move community component allows an object to move when triggered. Attach this component to the object in the scene. For a smooth gaming experience, it's recommended to attach only one Behavior move component to an object.

This component includes:

Property Description
Point Specifies the point coordinates for the object to reach.
Stay time The time that the object stays when it reaches the point
Move speed Determines the movement speed of the triggered object
Emit event Enter the name for the event to be emitted when the object reaches the point.
Move No. Specifies the number of movements
Type Determines the loop type, either One-way or Two-way. If you choose One-way, the object always moves in the same direction. If you choose Two-way, the movement direction changes to the opposite whenever the previous movement finishes.
Condition Determines the condition of the object movement:
  • Auto play, the object moves automatically
  • Event, the object moves when a specific event occurs
Event name Specifies the trigger event name for the movement. For example, it can be entered as registered in the AiGameEventRelay component. This field is only visible when the Condition is set to Event.