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With this AICharacterMain community component (Component), you transform an object in the scene into an interactive AI character. You incorporate traits, backstories, and a favor score system from AI Asylum's published custom characters using unique IDs. Also, you control the position and visibility of the player during conversations with your AI character.

The Component facilitates the generation of local events during interactions between the AI service and the player. These events are triggered based on the character's emotion and the game's status. For instance, the OnEmotion(1-10) events are specifically designed to represent different levels of the AI character's emotion, spanning from 10% to 100%. In addition, the component emits events like OnGameStatus:fail to indicate failure and OnGameStatus:success for successful game progression.

For a smooth gaming experience, it's recommended to add one AICharacterMain component on an AI NPC.

This component includes:

Property Description
OpenAI api key The OpenAI api key, which is used to access the gpt-3.5 model. This is an optional field.
Character ID The unique identifier of a published custom AI character from AI Asylum. It is used to associate the character's traits, backstories, and favor score systems with your published custom AI character.
Pause player during chat Determines whether the player pauses or remains stationary during conversations with AI characters. Enabled by default.
Show player during chat Determines whether the player is visible during conversations with AI characters. If set to Show, you can further configure the relative position between the player and the AI character. If set to Hide, the player will not be visible during chats, and only the character will be displayed on the screen.

This Component must be used with the NPC feature (available via + Feature>Gameplay>NPC) to make an AI NPC.

This Component is usually used together with the AiGameEventRelay component and other AI components.