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This Behavior_RaycastVehicleWheel community component (Component) controls how the wheels of a car behave during driving.

Property Description
Radius The radius of the wheels. It should be the radius of the model to avoid the wheel model from penetrating other models.
Is Motor Determines if the wheel is a drive wheel that transmits force to make the vehicle move both forward and backward.
Is Steer Determines if the wheel is a steering wheel that rotates in order to steer a vehicle.
Max Steer Angle The max angle to which the steering wheel can rotate
Steer Velocity The steering wheel's steering speed when turning (degree/s). It indicates how fast the wheel angle reaches the maximum steering angle from 0 degrees at this speed.
Spring Max Force The force of the suspension that supports the vehicle. The value should be linearly related to the mass of the vehicle's body.
Spring Max Length The extension and contraction length of the suspension. A higher suspension length means a greater ability to pass higher obstacles.
Damper Bump Force Damping force during suspension compression
Damper Rebound Force Damping force during suspension rebound
Max Load The maximum load that can be assigned to the wheel.

This Component must be used with Behavior_ArcadeVehicle, which controls the vehicle body.