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Your players can be teleported to anywhere in the scene. To set the teleport point and the destination point:

  1. Select the object that you want to set as a transport point in your scene.

  2. Go to the inspector of the object and choose +Component in the Gameplay tab.


  3. Add a teleport point to the object by choosing the Teleport Point component.


  4. Set the teleport destination. It can be either be an object or coordinates of a point. If you choose Object, specify the object you would like to teleport to.


    If you choose Custom coordinate, specify the coordinates of the point. set-destination-coordinate

  5. Add a trigger box for the teleport point in the Scene tab. The shape of a trigger box can be a sphere, a box, or a capsule.


  6. Adjust the size of the trigger box so that players will be able to touch it. Your players will be teleported to the destination only when they touch the trigger box. When you select the box, you will be shown points on the trigger box by which you can adjust the box shape.

    Note: In Play mode, you will be teleported to the destination 3 seconds after you touch the trigger box.