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YahahaObjects represent everything that you are able to manipulate in the Scene Editor and you can find them in Objects Explorer.


Every YahahaObject has Transform, Collision, and Trigger Box components and it's impossible to remove them.


Creating a YahahaObject

To create a new YahahaObject in Studio, simply click on the plus plus icon in the Objects Explorer window, or use the copy and paste or duplicate function after selecting an object in the scene. Alternatively, you can use any of the following three common methods to create new YahahaObjects via APIs:

  1. Method 1: Create an empty YahahaObject and store its ID in the 'emptyObject' variable.

    local emptyObject = createEmpty()

  2. Method 2: Duplicate the YahahaObject and store the ID of the new YahahaObject in the 'object' variable.

    local object = duplicate(number YahahaObject)

  3. Method 3: Create a new YahahaObject using the asset ID and store the YahahaObject ID in the 'asset' variable.

    local asset = createAsset(number AssetID)