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Trigger event receiver

A Trigger Event Receiver is a community component (Component) that receives an event from the Trigger Event Sender and performs a predefined action. When the Trigger Event Receiver receives an event sent from the Trigger event sender, it verifies the authorization code. If the auth codes are identical, the receiver executes the predefined action.

  • Turn on/off collision. The collision of the object will be turned on or off.
  • Change color. The color and transparency of the object will be changed to your preset values.
  • Set visible/invisible. The object will become visible or invisible.
  • Play audio. The audio clip will be played.
  • Get position. The auth code and the position of the object will be returned. You can write your own script to listen to the ER_GetPosition custom event to get the information.

By default, the action will be executed every time the event is received and verified. However, you can enable the One-off toggle to ensure that the action only happens once.


Note: This Component must be used with the Trigger Event Sender Component.